Who We Are

Imagine how Fixit Nigeria can help you as a service provider to have access to a wide range of users in need of your service. While as a user, you can never get stranded because you have access to a wide choice of skilled artisans and service providers who are easily accessible and verified.

Fixit Nigeria is a high-tech-based platform that serves as a reliable service place to connect service providers with end users


To become Africa's premier Service place that enables local artisans and professionals to reach a wider customer base which in requital boosts their Visibility and Profitability.


  • To provide all forms of businesses with the tools and resources they need to expand sustainably
  • To help small businesses grow to their maximum potential and attract new clients by enhancing their brand, putting them in the public eye, and establishing an online presence utilizing our powerful keywords and search engines.
  • To fulfill the demands of every typical Nigerian at the time the need arise by becoming the top real-time problem solver for most Nigerians using an up-to-date Directory list of active business owners (SMEs and Enterprises).
  • To provide youths with knowledge and job opportunities through our platform to increase their sense of empowerment and contribute to the economic security of their communities.
  • Our Solution

    Real-Time Platform Update
    Provide real-time information from entrepreneurs and service providers, making it possible to give up-to-date information to end users.

    Enhance Business Growth
  • Business development and strategy training
  • Business consultation
  • Leveraging Digital Marketing to Boost your Online Presence
  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Landing Page
  • Search Engine Ads (Google Ads)
  • Multi-channel Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Flexible Listing Plans

    Combined solutions for better results

    4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fixit Nigeria

      1 .We have our customer's best interests at heart

    We provide unique, creative, and efficient revolutionary technologies for our diverse types of customers
      2 We find and provide the right solutions for business owners

    We measure our success by the quality of our satisfied customer's needs. Meaning we offer quality service and solutions to service providers and end users
      3 We are Growth Oriented

    As a business and a product, we place a high value on personal development, so we constantly work to enhance our platform, skill level, and service flow
      4. We are Impact Driven

    In order to have a positive impact on the economy, we anticipate that all parties involved will develop to their full financial potential.